The responses are 1–5 minute video statements recorded with technology at hand: mobile phones, voice recorders, Skype

The responses are 1–5 minute video statements recorded with technology at hand: mobile phones, voice recorders, Skype

Within the long-term research itinerary Propositions for Non-Fascist Living, BAK asks artists, philosophers, scholars, and activists from multiple (political) geographies facing contemporary fascisms how they engage with the question of what constitutes non-fascist living. Throughout Propositions, these diverse perspectives are published online and screened at performative conferences. Online and offline, they become part of a growing constellation of reflections on ways to think, act, and bring about non-fascist living.

Mijke’s Proposition for Non-Fascist Living, ‘To Manage is to Order – Let Loss into Disorder’. 2.20 mins, video with closed captions.

Radical Transfeminism Zine

“We are dreaming, and have been dreaming for decades, of forms of radical social transformation, rooted in Black radicalism, anarcho-communism, Gay Liberationist and other collectivist politics. We have been necessarily working towards alternatives to capitalism and practicing them on a micro level (when we can steal the hours to do so). Our feminism has emerged through the experiences of our lives of transgressing gender norms (gender norms that are always racialised, classed and abled); through challenging the gender identity police (psychiatrists) and the bourgeois politics of trans and queer liberalisms; through imbibing feminist writings and the writings of women and men of colour, of queer and trans writers, through pulling a transfeminist herstory out of obscurity.”

Featuring writing, visuals and manifestoes on transmisogyny, boredom, erasure, agency, trauma and embodiment, strikes in the university, sexual politics, healthcare, activist and cultural spaces, reproductive justice, justice, desire, poetics.

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We’ll be doing more accessible copies of the zine on request – including digital copies (available) and audio copies (not yet available). Please contact us at radtransfemzine (at) gmail (dot) com.


Following the centuries-long repression of trans lives at the hands of the state, the next stage in the UK government’s war of bureaucratic attrition is the recent publication of an NHS consultation that fails in every possible capacity, and a survey that gathers less data than we’ve already presented them. We call upon everyone fighting for the health of trans people to boycott this consultation & the survey, and reject its procedures & results in full. We encourage hostile participation in the form of direct submissions of demands that don’t react to the questions posed or restrict themselves to the scope imposed by the government.

We wholly reject the NHS’s attempt to codify the abuse, torment & traumatisation of trans people under the guise of ‘healthcare’. We demand accountability for the historic & present abuse of power that the NHS has encouraged glorified psychiatrists to carry out. You do not own our bodies, you cannot control our lives, and you will not prevent our needs being met. We will not tolerate compromise.

The following living document is our vision for trans futures. We do not consider that our work will ever be complete, there will always be greater things on the horizon. As such, this manifesto farmers com dating service is not final, but an open draft which will evolve as we do. This is our call to action. We will fight anyone who stands in the way of universal liberation. This is war, and we will win.

Trans health is bodily autonomy. We will express our needs, and they will be met. We will change our bodies however we want. We will have universally accessible and freely available hormones & blockers, surgical procedures, and any other relevant treatments and therapies. We will end the medical gatekeeping of our bodies. We will have full, historical accountability for the abuses perpetuated against us in the name of ‘healthcare’. We will see reparations for these crimes, and the crimes committed against others in our names.